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Sự kiện

Date Event Location Time Details
4/15/2024 Coffee & Conversations- Presented by Harris Health Contractor Diversity Program Registration Link: 9:00am-10:00am The virtual meeting will be a panel discussion featuring the new CMARs on the Harris Health LBJ Hospital Project. You do not want to miss joining this informative call.
4/17/2024 “Get The Facts- The LBJ Hospital Project Series- III” Hester House 2020 Solo Street Houston, TX 77020 9:30am-11:30am Hosted with the Kashmere Gardens and Trinity Gardens Community Leaders. Meet Members of the LBJ Hospital Project Team and ask your questions to learn, understand and to prepare for opportunities on this historic project. During this meeting, you will hear from Patrick Casey, SVP Facilities Construction & Systems Engineering atHarris Health, Derek Holmes, VP of Contract Administration & HKS, McCarthy Construction and other members of the Project Team.
4/23/2024 Houston Business Procurement Breakfast The ION 4201 Main St. Houston TX 77007 8:00am-11:00am This meeting is designed for MWBE business owners to network and discuss current project opportunities.
4/24/2024 The Community Internship Fair Houston Community College Felix Fraga Academic Campus 301 N Drennan Street Houston, TX 77003 10:00am-2:00pm

Background: We will be introducing the Community Internship Fair (CIF) - the first of its kind for a project related program. The fair designed to recruit interested individuals from the ages of 18 and up to experience a networking meeting to find out about year-round internships, summer internships, work base learning internships and mentorship opportunities.

Purpose: This is to help participants who are interested in obtaining new job skills, upgrade their current skills to seek opportunities for advancement or for those first timers entering into the employment field while matriculating or after attaining a degree or specialized training/certification. Participants are not required to have a college degree and our program will meet individuals where they are in their quest for employment opportunities. We invite high school students, those from Community Colleges, Training Programs, special program participants and agencies who work with those who are coming through a family status or life style change, individuals who may be considered as refugees or working through a transitional period or who have been previously incarcerated.

Goal: The Community Internship Fair - is designed to connect candidates seeking an internship experience, employment (or desiring to find out more about the programs available) with employers, program sponsors or mentors seeking interns. By the end of Community Internship Fair experience, we will be able to identify interns interested in the programs and assign them with their potential internship assignment opportunities.

4/27/2024 2024 Houston Black Men’s Wellness Day University of Houston - Main Campus / Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture / 4800 Calhoun Road, Houston 77004 7:00am-12:00 noon

2024 Houston’s Black Men’s Wellness Day at University of Houston for Free Health Screenings, Vendors, Live Entertainment and Free Family Friendly Fun. Since 2004, The African American Male Wellness Agency (The AA Wellness Agency) has produced a 5K Walk in over 15 cities as an awareness campaign and awareness that on average Black Men die 12 years earlier than their white counterparts. This event will offer free health screenings for many preventable diseases.

This aligns with Harris Health’s commitment to the community health and the prevention of diseases.

4/30/2024 Save the Date- McCarthy/Hill Day Save the Date- Outreach/Opportunity Day for GMP#1 TBD

This will be one of the first kick off outreach/opportunity events for GMP#1 Bid package with the McCarthy/Hill Day team to meet the MWBE Community. You Don’t Want to Miss This Important Event! Save the Date April 30, 2024 standby for the details.



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